About Us


Aims and Objectives

In concert with the National Goals and Objectives of CAVUNP, the Calgary Chapter's primary objective is to support all Peacekeeping Veterans and their families. Further, our objectives include a comprehensive education program for our young Canadians in the role Canada plays with respect to the United Nations and other international Peacekeeping missions. This is accomplished by members of the Calgary Chapter working closely with the staff of the Military Museums, located on Crowchild Trail



Fund-Raising & Charities

Although limited in scope, funds raised by the members of the Calgary Chapter are annually committed to the Friends of the Colonel Belcher (FOCB) committee. FOCB is the fundraising committee associated with the provision of enhancements for the new Colonel Belcher Care Centre for veterans in Calgary. Secondly, members of our Chapter are actively involved in the International Committee for Relief of Suffering and Starvation (ICROSS). ICROSS is an international agency whose mission is to acquire new, used, and/or surplus medicines and medical supplies for use in the numerous medical clinics in the poorest regions of Africa.


Chapter Meetings

Every third Wednesday of each month the members of the Calgary Chapter of CAVUNP meet in the Centennial Branch #285 of the Royal Canadian Legion at 9202 Horton Road S.W., Calgary, Alberta. The normal meeting convenes at 1900 hours.

Guests are welcome to attend our meetings! If you are a veteran of Peacekeeping service or just someone interested in listening to the members please feel free to join us. Periodically presentations on one or more aspects of Peacekeeping service are presented by our very experienced membership. These presentations are usually about 40 minutes in duration.