A Message from the President of CAVUNP Calgary Chapter 

CAVUNP is a National Association representing men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces, Federal, Provincial and Municipal police services, and civilians who have served Canada and the international community for over the past fifty-five years on Peacekeeping missions throughout the world.

In concert with the National Goals and Objectives of CAVUNP, the Calgary Chapter's primary objective is to support all Peacekeeping Veterans and their families. Our objectives include a comprehensive education program for our young Canadians in the role Canada plays with respect to the United Nations and other international Peacekeeping missions. This is accomplished by members of the Calgary Chapter working closely with the staff of the Military Museums, located on Crowchild Trail. Thank you for accessing our website!     In the Service of Peace.
Bob Titus, CD   President



CAVUNP:   Next Chapter's meeting will be in January 2021.

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  • Ladies and Gents:  PEACEKEEPER DAY 2020 CANCELLED -  The Chapter President and Vice-President have agreed to my request, at this point in time, to cancel this year’s annual Peacekeeper Day Ceremonies at Peacekeepers Park and Buffalo Park.  Although the province is starting to reduce some of the constraints on us as a whole, I don’t believe that it will reduce the 2 meter distance between people and increase the current maximum of 15 persons in one “group” to a size large enough to hold our proper ceremonies at the Parks.  We have to put the safety of our greatest at risk “Blue Jackets” first and the attendees a very close second.


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